Presenter Package

A presenter package is available for Speech Pathologists experienced in Cued Articulation who wish to run Cued Articulation courses. It consists of a comprehensive PowerPoint slide show based on Helen's classroom course developed over many years. It also includes some audio and video from the online course. The complete package will be provided on a USB memory.

A version is also available which includes an additional module for those teaching Aboriginal students whose first language is an Aboriginal language. This model details the Aboriginal languages sound system and how it relates to Standard Australian English. It provides strategies for helping students learn English as a second language and it provides Cues for the Aboriginal sounds. For more information on the application of Cued Articulation to Aboriginal students see...

The package includes the Presenter Guide, Presenter Script, Lesson Plan, Student Course Notes, Evaluation Form and Certificate Template.

It will take 6-7 hours to present the course. It could be over one day, or 4 x 1 hour sessions or 3 x 2 hour sessions. You need to be aware that the course teaches much more than just the cues! It teaches a new understanding of our sounds and sound system, which informs the teaching practice of the participants.

The cost will be $350.

The fee does not include the cost of the Cued Articulation book, or the tablet App. Jane Passy insists that everyone attending a course should have access to one of these resources. If your staff work in teams of teacher and assistant, one book/App between them is fine. The books can be obtained from ACER and the Tablet App from the App Store of Google Play.

If you would like further information please contact Helen