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Course Presenter Helen Botham has worked as a Speech Pathologist for forty years in Melbourne and in the UK. She worked with pre-school and young school-aged children in a private practice and has a particular interest in speech and language problems associated with literacy difficulties. As part of this work, she consulted with and advised parents, teachers and carers, and she ran Cued Articulation courses for pre-school and school teachers throughout Australia and overseas.

Helen has a particular interest in issues concerning teaching Aboriginal students. She has conducted courses in northern Australia for teachers of Aboriginal students and has taken part in workshops for teachers of Aboriginal students in New South Wales.

Helen completed a Master of Applied Science at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, where she investigated outcomes for teachers attending a Cued Articulation course. She was interested to know whether their attendance can improve the phonological and letter-sound awareness required by teachers of reading. See Research

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