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TES article gives
'a thumbs up to Cued Articulation'
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  My Cued Articulation course online:
           provides background for phonics teaching

Many teachers who have completed this online training have found that it has provided a deeper understanding of our sounds and sound system which informs their teaching of phonics.
The course has videos, interactive games and exercises, and includes a version for those teaching Aboriginal students.

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Cued Articulation Training

Helen Botham provides training courses in Cued Articulation, a system which enhances literacy teaching by fostering an understanding of the sound structure of the language. The training is designed primarily for Early Years teachers and teacher assistants. ESL teachers also find the training to be of value.

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Cued Articulation

Cued Articulation was devised by Speech Pathologist Jane Passy. In early school years it facilitates the development of Sound Awareness - now seen as basic to the acquisition of literacy skills. Cued Articulation is easy and fun to learn, when taught alongside an understanding of the patterns involved in normal speech development.

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Speech Pathologist Helen Botham's Cued Articulation training courses are approved by Jane Passy.

The courses are designed to:

  •  teach Cued Articulation techniques
  •  provide practical ideas for using Cued Articulation
      for promoting the development of listening skills
      and early sound awareness

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